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GEI Spa has been operating in the sector of civil and industrial electrical systems for 20 years. By using the latest sector technology, it ensures a professional approach to study and create civil and industrial high and low voltage electrical systems, electricity substations, public lighting and earthing systems, etc.

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Installation, assembly and maintenance of electromechanical equipment, along with their supply in High Voltage/Medium Voltage electricity substations: Assembly and start-up of MV and LV equipment...
Design, installation, assembly and maintenance of the electromechanical systems of secondary Medium Voltage-Low Voltage electricity substations, including the supply of all the necessary components:...
Design and production of public lighting systems, maintenance on system failures, including the scheduled replacement of lights with the cleaning of the relative framework. Moreover, the company...
Production of the above for the civil and industrial sector. We take care of all the stages of the process, from design and production up to testing and delivery of the completed project. The works...
GEI creates photovoltaic systems by following the parameters required by MD dated 10/02/07 with: Presentation of the preliminary project for the system to the Network Manager Request of the...
Systems relating to hydroelectric plants Design and creation of power stations from renewable hydroelectric sources, with a special focus on the supply and assembly of power components such as medium...