Design and production of public lighting systems, maintenance on system failures, including the scheduled replacement of lights with the cleaning of the relative framework.

Moreover, the company provides scheduled maintenance for lighthouses with cleaning, inspection of lubrication on pulleys, supports and ropes, inspection of mechanisms for equipment-holder basket movement systems, end-of-stroke verification and inspection on the control circuits of the same system;inspection of the power supply electrical system and connection pins, maintenance on light fixtures; unscheduled maintenance of lighthouses with disassembly of existing light fixtures, disassembly of the mechanical part of th crown, assembly of new structural work with repositioning of the floodlights, routine lighting and “emergency lighting”, connection with operation tests.

Systems for traffic lights and illuminated road signs in various sections on the motorway.

Studies and redevelopment of systems to provide energy savings and reduce pollution.


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  • Societa' Autostradale Centro Padane A21
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  • Autostrade per l'Italia Spa
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